Design Process

The Parsec advantage:

Parsec is not just another antenna company. In order for our customers to be successful the antenna design is just the tip of the iceberg.

The critical path starts with the antenna, but the actual signal reception depends on the complete design process from the antenna input and ground all the way to the input of the radio chipset. This critical path is often subject to interference or desense, not to mention physical obstructions like batteries and RF cages that can all change the behavior of the antenna and overall system performance.

The fastest time to market and reduced number of design revisions happen when the product is designed as one complete unit, not separate components put together.

3D Design + RF layout Expertise + the Lowest noise LNAs in the industry = IoT Success

Parsec’s recipe for success:

Step 1 – Import customers stp files into CST 3D software

Step 2 – Choose the right antenna for the package from our antenna library

Step 3 – Simulate complete product design with antenna, PCB, Plastics, batteries, RF cages, connectors

Step 4 – Give customer expected performance with 95% accuracy

Step 5 – Make changes to antenna size versus available ground plane as needed for ideal performance

Step 6 – Review customers PCB design and make recommendations for optimal RF performance

Step 7 – Create design review report and submit to customer

Step 8 – Test and debug prototypes in Parsec’s Lab

Step 9 – Make design review and recommended changes to pass certification testing (PTCRB)

Step 10 –Help customer through the pre-PTCRB and PTCRB process

Access to over 13,000 sq. ft. of lab/test facility for use by our customers and partners.

Expert experience working with multiple antenna technologies on same board, designed and optimized for efficiency and performance

Complete design assistance from component selection to certification available

Parsec’s technology is uniquely positioned to have the utmost design flexibility with custom design services offered for all of our antennas. Parsec’s antenna designs can be optimized and/or customized for any device. Our low cost, customizable, quick turn antenna designs offer choice and flexibility to meet the growing needs of our customers. A full suite of design, layout and testing services are available.

With extensive experience in design, manufacture, and test, Parsec has the experience and know-how designers rely on.