August 8, 2017
PTA GPS 020 Active
PTA GPS 020 Active
August 8, 2017
PTA - 700 LTE Antenna

PTA - 700 LTE Antenna


Product Description: Active GPS/GNSS

Parsec’s PTA1.5M are a family of GNSS/GPS L1 high radiated efficiency active antennas. The PTA1.5M family integrates easily with industry-leading GNSS/GPS 3D-SIP and system on chip (SoC) receivers with only a single direct connection typically required and is compatible with any GNSS receiver operating from 1560 to 1610 MHz. Ideal for embedded LBS receivers requiring good user experience that operate within 5 to 7 mm of the human body, indoors in the presence of multipath, and in applications with an obstructed view of orbiting satellites. Patents Pending. -Active GPS/GNSS

PTA1.5M-16 Active GPS/GNSS Module

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Key Benefits

  • 50-MHz Bandwidth: covers GNSS systems from 1560-1610 MHz
  • highest radiated efficiency, ɳ, in class (>60% over rated 50-MHz BW)
  • antenna gain, Ga = 1.4 dBi @ Fc = 1575.42 MHz
  • outperforms ceramic patch antennas >4X as large in area
  • highest IP3 (linearity) in class (+18 dBm @5mA Icc)
  • improves GNSS 3D-SIP/SoC receiver SFDR >25-dB
  • ultra-low power consumption (7mW: +1.4Vdc * 5mA)
  • ultra-low noise (1.0 dB NF, typical); SAW filter OPTIONAL
  • high flat gain (15-dB delivered to the GNSS/GPS receiver)
  • Any VoltageSM operation from +1.4 to +6.0 Vdc
  • no matching required (50 ohm RF Out)

Family Concept

The PTA1.5M-9 is one of Parsec’s PTA/PT Family of active antenna and GNSS front-end modules (FEMs). Add any PTA/PT active antenna or FEM to your GNSS/GPS 3D-SIP or SoC to improve the receiver’s spurious-free dynamic range (SFDR) up to 30-dB.

Product Features

  • Ideal for any GNSS/GPS System operating from 1560 to 1610 MHz: GPS L1/L1C; EU/Canada Galileo E1; Russia GLONASS L1; People’s Republic of China (PRC) Beidou-2 B1
  • Highest Radiated Efficiency, ɳ, in Class, >60% from 1560 to 1610 MHz
  • High Antenna Gain: Ga = 1.4 dBi at Fc = 1575.42 MHz
  • High Gain: 15dB delivered to GNSS/GPS receiver
  • High OIP3: +18 dBm
  • Low Noise Figure: 1.0 dB Typ.;1.5 dB with optional GPS L1 SAW filter; 2.0 dB with GNSS SAW
    • Order PN PTA1.5M-GPS for Fc = 1575.42 ± 1.023 MHz applications (with OPTIONAL SAW filter)
    • Order PN PTA1.5M-GNSS for F = 1560 to 1610 MHz applications (with OPTIONAL SAW filter)
    • Order PN PTA1.5M when no SAW filter is required
  • Any VoltageSM Operation from +1.4 to +6.0 Vdc
  • 50 Ω Output (only one direct connection to SE880 required)
  • Rated to 2000V ESD, Class 1C