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Welcome to Parsec Technologies, Inc.

Parsec Technologies, Inc. is a U.S.A. based American antenna company located in Plano, Texas. Parsec proudly designs and manufactures all antenna products in the USA.

Parsec offers standard off-the-shelf external antennas, embedded SMT antennas, and U.FL cabled antenna options.

Multiple antennas in one package is our specialty.

At Parsec’s 13,000 sq. ft. lab facility in Plano, Texas our designers and engineers utilize a variety of high performance lab equipment and software including our new ETS-Lindgren AMS-8050 antenna measurement test chamber with the full suite of Rhode and Schwarz test options. Having expert antenna knowledge as well as the testing resources available during development and test, allows customers a superior product with a faster time to market.

If customization or specific performance and/or package requirements are what your business demands, our customizable, quick turn antenna designs offer choice and flexibility to meet the growing technology needs of today’s IoT and M2M applications. Quick turn prototypes and samples provided.

When antenna and device pre-certification services are needed, Parsec invites customers and our partners access to our chamber and test engineers, providing speed and confidence in performance and reliability.

Contact us at to discuss your project with our engineers today.