Industry Solutions

Parsec Technologies, Inc. is a global provider of advanced antenna and amplifier technology for mobile and wireless applications, specializing in custom and semi-custom high efficiency, compact antennas for use in IoT and M2M applications. Parsec offers embedded, surface mount, or off-board U.FL cabled versions of multi-band LTE antennas, GPS/GNSS antenna modules, as well as antennas for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and LoRa. Parsec’s experience extends to full RF design review, noise debugging, layout, and testing services, as well as expert LNA matching capabilities.

Parsec’s extensive product line of antennas and amplifiers provide provides a broad range of reliable, high performance connectivity solutions for a variety of M2M and IoT applications. Whether your project is connecting your connected car device to the LTE network, or your tracking an asset in a remote area of the world, Parsec’s antennas bring design innovation and expert RF analysis to ensure your product gets to market quickly and remains an industry leader.

  • Connected Car
  • Smart Cities
  • Consumer Products
  • Wearables
  • Location Based Services
  • Asset Tracking