About Parsec Technologies, Inc.

Since 2003 Parsec has been providing the global marketplace with cutting edge solutions for network communications. Today Parsec offers the largest selection of best in class, high performance ruggedized CAT18 antennas for mobile, public safety, enterprise, fixed wireless and IoT applications.

Parsec is an American antenna company located in Plano, Texas with all Parsec antennas made in the USA! Parsec takes a value-add approach with our business, and our partners. We believe in building partnerships to last throughout the changing technology cycles, the ups and downs, and the incredible growth the wireless industry has experienced this last decade.

The trust our customers and partners have in Parsec antennas is important and valuable to us and our entire team.
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We connect the world’s leading solutions providers with high performance, reliable wireless connections

Parsec’s world-class antennas for 5G, 4G LTE, WIFI, GPS/GNSS, and LoRa enable corporate clients, public utilities, first responders and enterprise the ability to communicate reliably and seamlessly.

Year 2003

The Beginning

Parsec was founded to develop the first of its kind video receiver module for the yet to be installed nationwide Fiber To The Home network. (FTTH)

Year 2005


Licensed FTTH technology, including Parsec’s triplexer technology combining voice, video and data on the ONT to a billion dollar FTTH market leader.

Year 2008


Developed a USB HDTV antenna for viewing live, digital TV on laptops for the digital television transition from analog television broadcasting.

Year 2012

Developed and introduced a new low noise amplifier semiconductor chip (LNA)

Parsec’s LNA was the lowest noise LNA available on the market at the time.

Year 2013

First Parsec Embedded Antenna

Pairing Parsec’s low noise amplifier with our first embedded GPS/GNSS antenna creating an active embedded GPS antenna.

Year 2014

Embedded LTE Antenna

Parsec introduced embedded LTE antenna, as well as embedded antennas for WiFi and Bluetooth.

Year 2017

PRO Series Rugged External Antennas

Introduced new high performance, ruggedized external antenna product line for public safety, enterprise and IoT applications.

Year 2020

Full Antenna Product line for 600 MHz to 6 GHz CAT18

Parsec offers largest available and highest performance product line of ruggedized antennas covering 600MHz to 6GHz frequency spectrum.  For use in 4G LTE, 5G, CBRS and LTE LAA

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