Rottweiler – PRO Series Antennas

Low Profile, 5G, CAT 18, 2X2 MIMO CELL, up to 3X3 MIMO Wi-Fi, and GPS External IP67-Rated Antenna

The Rottweiler Pro Series antenna is a 5G, 2X2 MIMO cellular, up to 3X3 Wi-Fi, omnidirectional antenna with optional GPS. The Rottweiler is designed for high performance of 600 MHz to 6GHz frequencies for mobile and fixed wireless access network solutions.

This PRO Series, IP67 rated antenna is low profile, perfect for emergency fleet vehicles, police cruisers, transportation, and industrial equipment. The Rottweiler is durable enough for harsh working conditions including high vibration, debris, and inclement weather. Patent Pending.

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600 MHz to 6 GHz
2X2 MIMO Cellular
3X3 MIMO Wi-Fi
Mobile & Pole Mount


Fixed Wireless Access
Industrial IoT
Transportation Fleets
Public Safety
Mobile Broadband
FirstNet/First Responders
Remote Video Monitoring