Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is 5G?

5G is the next step in LTE connectivity. 5G is the range of 600 MHz – 6 GHz.  For a complete list of our 5G antennas click here.

What are the cable options?

Most of our antennas come with 15 feet of cable standard. If you need custom cable lengths we recommend a 1ft pigtail and a cable kit.

For Cable Kits we recommend:

  • -LSR200: Up to 25ft
  • -LSR240: Up to 40ft
  • -LSR400: 40+ Feet

How long can I run a cable?

We do not recommend running cable longer than 100ft due to lost efficiency and frequency.

Does my antenna need space?

We recommend isolating the antenna from any electronics. Our minimum recommended distance is:

  • -Antenna to Antenna: 18 inches
  • -Antenna to Other Objects: 24 inches

If you are noticing errors in performance, moving the antenna further away from other objects might improve the connection.

Is my antenna waterproof?

All of Parsec’s antennas have a waterproof rating of either IP67 or IP54. Details are available per product.

Do I need a grounding plate?

If the vehicle the antenna is being mounted on has a metal roof, a grounding plate is not required.

If the vehicle DOES NOT have a metal roof, a grounding plate or metal tape will be required.

How do I mount this?

Parsec antennas can be mounted in a variety of ways. See below for the most popular setups.

Mobile Options:

  • – Standard Mount: Mount the antenna directly to the vehicle.
  • – Magnetic Mount: Mount the antenna on a magnetic base, for temporary installations.
  • – Gasket Mount: Similar to the standard mount, but with an airtight gasket to accommodate for curves.

Enterprise Options:

  • – Wall Mount: Mount the antenna on the wall directly, or with a bracket. Indoor or Outdoor.
  • – Pole Mount: Mount the antenna on a pole using our pole mount bracket.

How do I purchase?

We currently sell online through our distributors. Find your local distributor here.

Do you sell outside of the US?

Yes! Find a distributor for your region here.

Parsec is not responsible for any fees associated with shipping international.

Are your antennas TAA Compliant?

Yes! Our antennas are built here in Texas and are TAA compliant.