Great Dane

  • 698–2200 MHz
  • Rooftop mounting
  • Failover for wireless Internet backup

Configurations: 2:1

The Great Dane antennas are perfect for a wide variety of outdoor and IoT applications.


  • 617–6000 MHz
  • 5G
  • PLTE
  • Up to 4X4 MIMO LTE
  • Up to 8X8 MIMO Wi-Fi
  • GNNS

Configurations: 11:1, 9:1, 8:1, 7:1, 5:1 and 4:1

Husky antennas are ideal for transportation/fleet, remote video monitoring and fixed wireless.


  • 617–6000 MHz
  • 5G
  • 2X Faster Data Speeds
  • Primary/Failover LTE
  • Indoor/Outdoor Coverage

Configurations: 2:1

Labradors have double the data speed and half the latency of paddle antennas on the router.


  • 2400 – 5900 MHz
  • MIMO WiFi
  • Fast WiFi Speeds
  • Indoor/Outdoor Coverage

Configurations: 2:1

The Weimaraner MIMO WiFi antennas offer both high-band and low-band coverage (dual band), and high-performance MIMO WiFi coverage both inside or outside of buildings.


  • 617–6000 MHz
  • 5G
  • 4X4 MIMO LTE
  • GNSS
  • GPS Optional

Configurations: 5:1 and 4:1

Akitas are compact wall mount or pole mount, external, omni-directional antennas optimized for attachment to a sheetrock wall.


Pole Mount Antennas

Parsec offers several high-performance pole mount antenna options for rooftop or in-building applications. Parsec’s Great Dane and Labrador series offer MIMO LTE omnidirectional coverage. Parsecs PTA 900 LoRa antenna comes in pole mount for rooftop or field deployments of LoRa IoT infrastructure.

  • Omnidirectional coverage in a pole mount antenna
  • Antennas optimized for all carriers and LTE frequencies
  • Rugged, tamper-resistant housings
  • IP67 or IP54 Rated

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