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Parsec offers several high-performance pole mount antenna options for rooftop or in-building applications. Parsec’s Great Dane and Labrador series offer MIMO LTE omnidirectional coverage. Parsecs PTA 900 LoRa antenna comes in pole mount for rooftop or field deployments of LoRa IoT infrastructure.

  • Omnidirectional coverage in a pole mount antenna
  • Antennas optimized for all carriers and LTE frequencies
  • Rugged, tamper-resistant housings
  • IP67 Rated



Great Dane

The Great Dane Series antenna is a pole mount MIMO LTE, Omnidirectional antenna optimized for easy pole mount installation. Its unique design allows for near 360-degree coverage without the truck roll of pointing the antenna toward the towers.
LTE Frequency Bands: 698 – 894 MHz and 1695 – 2200 MHz.

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The Husky PRO Series antenna is designed for high performance in the 700 MHz First Responder Network Band.
Available Configurations For Husky: 13:1, 12:1, 11:1, 9:1, and 7:1

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LoRa Pole Mount

Parsec’s PTA-900 P Pole Mount LoRa Antenna is a high-gain, omnidirectional, weatherproof outdoor antenna that provides extended range for LoRa and SIGFOX for M2M module applications.
Frequency range: 863 – 870 MHz and 902 – 928 MHz

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Parsec’s Labrador Series Wall Mount MIMO LTE Antenna is a high performance, high-speed MIMO LTE antenna. Double data speed and half the latency of paddle antennas on the router.
LTE Frequency Range: 698 – 894 MHz | 1695 – 2200 MHz | 2300 – 2700 MHz

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Parsec’s Weimaraner Series – PTA WM 2WIFI is a compact two-in-one MIMO Wi-Fi external antenna. This unobtrusive omnidirectional antenna works on both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands with high efficiency.
WIFI Frequency Range: 2400 – 2483.5 MHz | 4900 – 5900 MHz |

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