Weimaraner – PRO Series Antenna

MIMO WiFi, Fast Speed,  Dual-Band Coverage, Wall-Mounted Antenna
The Weimaraner PRO Series antennas are MIMO WiFi antennas for wall mounting and are perfect for indoor, but may be pole-mounted outdoor. The Weimaraner Series work well for high-performance WiFi, fast WiFi speeds, and large WiFi coverage areas.
The Weimaraner MIMO WiFi antennas offer both high-band and low-band coverage (dual band), and high-performance MIMO WiFi coverage both inside or outside of buildings. Patent pending.


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Key Benefits

WiFi Frequency Range:
2400 – 2483.5 MHz
4900 – 5900 MHz

High efficiency
Unobtrusive wall mount package
Optional pole mount


External M2M
IoT Applications
Large WiFi coverage area for retail