Parsec LNA + Parsec Antenna Design Services = Passive & Active GPS Antenna Modules

Parsec’s GPS LNA – Mitigating Tomorrows Interference Issues Today
July 25, 2013
Parsec Technologies Combines Telit Technology with Revolutionary Micro-Mini Modules to Deliver World’s Smallest GPS Receivers
October 10, 2013

Parsec Technologies, Inc. has taken our cutting edge, Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) technology and is now offering antenna design services to help GPS and M2M customers efficiently and effectively embed active antenna modules into their products. GPS and M2M modules continue to shrink in size and need additional LNA’s and antennas to maximize signal strength. The future of GPS and M2M tracking will come from non-traditional RF products that require RF experts in both antenna design as well as LNA design and placement. It is also very important to optimize the antenna and LNA design to embed correctly into each new device for optimum reception. Placement of these components is critical in relation to the other non-RF devices. Parsec can help solve these issues with our state of the art CST design software and simulation tools. Customers have the option of using our LNA with SAW filter and a third party antenna or our Micro Miniature series of components for active antenna modules, which consist of an antenna, LNA, and a SAW filter all in one package.

Our customer services include the following:

1) Full 3D design and manufacturing tolerance verification using CST for antennas. The 3D model is built around the importing of mechanical realization of PCB’s and plastic enclosures from other 2D and 3D design tools.

2) Material characterization of plastics and PCB materials to reduce hardware spins.

3) Passive Inter-modulation Testing, Return Loss and Isolation Testing, Antenna Pattern Testing in anechoic chambers.

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