Parsec Technologies Combines Telit Technology with Revolutionary Micro-Mini Modules to Deliver World’s Smallest GPS Receivers

Parsec LNA + Parsec Antenna Design Services = Passive & Active GPS Antenna Modules
August 20, 2013
Future Proofing Your Technology
January 10, 2014

Parsec Technologies, Incorporated, Plano, Texas, (“Parsec”), a global supplier of advanced amplifier technology communications products, solutions, and services, today announced that the company’s Micro-Mini PTA/PT Family of GNSS/GPS receiver modules seamlessly integrates with the Telit Wireless Solutions Jupiter SE880 three-dimensional system-in-a-package (3D-SIP) to enable the world’s smallest-to-date, commercial-class, low-cost GPS L1 receiver. By combining a PTA/PT Family module with the ultra-miniature, super-sensitive Jupiter SE880 3D-SIP OEMs and integrators are able to deliver a location based service (LBS) product with a GPS L1 receiver in a landed form factor of 20 x 20 x 6 or 20 x 10 x 6 mm (LxWxH) maximum size, depending upon component orientation.

This in contrast with landed GPS receiver sizes integrating a passive ceramic patch antenna measuring 25 x 25 mm (LxW), which cannot match the PTA Family at GNSS/GPS frequencies in any key performance parameter (KPP), despite being four times (4X) the surface area.

The patent pending PTA/PT Family of GNSS/GPS receiver Micro-Mini modules extends Parsec’s decade-long tradition of stretching the state-of-the-art in small size, ultra-linearity, miniscule energy usage, high gain, low noise, Any Voltage operation, Field-and-Forget reliability, low cost, and ease of integration/use. By applying a Parsec PTA/PT Family module with Telit’s Jupiter SE880 GPS receiver, integrators can now design LBS critical products with exceptional user experience in “Severe Use”, obstructed satellite view and high-path-loss applications, including indoors, urban canyons, wearables, Smart Watches, vehicle under-dash On Board Diagnostics (OBD) devices, metal containers and aircraft fuselage asset tracking, and M.2/Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF) products. Receivers combining Parsec PTA/PT Family and Telit Jupiter SE880 modules deliver good user experience in finished LBS critical products without sacrificing design flexibility, ease of implementation, or cost. The combination is fully vetted and “bullet-proof” in providing a rewarding design experience making RF work reliably, passing end-product regulatory compliance testing without re-test.

“Customers are future-proofing their LBS critical products when they select a Parsec PTA/PT Family for integration with the Telit Jupiter SE880 3D-SIP as PTA/PT Family modules receive and amplify any GNSS system signal from 1560 to 1610 MHz, including GPS L1/L1C, with high radiated efficiency in any end product orientation”, said Michael A. Neenan, CEO and Founder, Parsec Technologies, Inc.
In its second decade of delivering customer-must-have data communications solutions, Parsec specializes in using compound semiconductor and materials processes in new ways to design, deliver, and support products dramatically improving user experience. Telit Jupiter SE880 reference design kits (RDKs) will soon be equipped with Parsec PTA/PT Family module – OEMs and integrators can order GPS L1 receiver solutions today.