Pole mount LoRa antenna

MIMO Wifi LTE antenna
August 8, 2017
PTA – 700 LTE
August 8, 2017

Product Description

Parsec’s PTA-900P-48-001 Antenna is a high-gain, omni-directional, weatherproof outdoor antenna that provides extended range for LoRa and SIGFOX for M2M module applications. This high quality antenna uses a center-fed array to provide a consistent elevation pattern across both the 863-870 MHz and 902-928 MHz bands. 19 to 21 deg. vertical beamwidth and 1 deg. electrical downtilt provides excellent null fill. The symmetrical radiating elements provide a true omnidirectional azimuth pattern with equal gain in any direction. Excellent performance is maintained in the presence of high winds and ice coating. The antenna mounts to masts from 1.25 in to 2.25 in diameter. Detailed product information and options are available by contacting Parsec Sales@parsec-t.com


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Key Benefits

  • Frequency range: 863 – 870 and 902 – 928 MHz
  • Omni-directional
  • High Gain: 7dB
  • Excellent null fill
  • Consistent performance in adverse conditions
  • Rugged fiberglass radome
  • Type N connector


  • LoRa, M2M, IoT
  • Low- Power unlicensed communication systems