PTA 700 LTE Antenna

LoRa U.FL Antenna
August 25, 2015
5-in-1 MIMO LTE, MIMO Wi-Fi, GPS
March 7, 2017

Parsec's PTA700 LTE Antenna is a Penta-band Cellular antenna for IoT and M2M applications.

Penta-band Cellular M2M and IoT Antenna

Product Description

Parsec’s PTA-700-LTE- Cellular Antenna is an omnidirectional, penta-band antenna based on a revolutionary structure that provides broadband, high efficiency cellular service coverage for M2M module applications.  The antenna is optimized for application in compact M2M modules without the large ground plane demands of other multi-band cellular antennas.  The antenna edge mounts directly to a host PCB for low-loss, low-cost connection to the cellular transceiver.  


PTA 700 LTE Antenna

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