Great Pyrenees
Introducing 13:1 Antenna for 5G, CBRS, & PLTE
8X8 MIMO Celluar, up to 4X4 Wi-Fi, GPS, & Bluetooth!
Simultaneously Operate Dual SIM and Dual Radio
Without Interference in a Single Housing
Akita Lite
Configurable up to a 5:1 Antenna for 5G
4x4 MIMO Cellular and Optional GPS
Features New Ultra-Low Loss Cables - Lightweight & Flexible
LABEL CHANGE NOTICE: LTE to CELL Parsec is currently phasing out inventory with LTE on our cellular cables (now labeled CELL).
For cables labeled LTE, please refer to port "CELL" in the data sheets and installation instructions.
Superfast download speeds Best In Class Antennas Parsec antennas provide superfast connections.
They outperform other antennas by an average 2:1 margin
(lab-tested results). Parsec antennas are built to last and
omnidirectional, with 360 degrees of communication.
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MADE IN AMERICA 1st to 5G Parsec Technologies provides the global marketplace
with cutting edge solutions in a wide variety of
communication technologies. Parsec is 1st to 5G
with a variety of high-performance antennas
operating from 600 MHz to 6 GHz.
5G SOLUtions
Since 2003, Parsec antennas have been optimized
for high performance with all leading wireless routers and gateways.
There are multiple antennas for 4G LTE, WIFI, GPS and 5G.

Parsec’s 4G LTE and 5G Antennas Were Designed
to Perform

Parsec Technologies, Inc. located in Plano, Texas is an American owned and operated high performance antenna company. Our engineering team, through years of research, development, and testing, has produced the most advanced antennas for 600MHz to 6GHz CAT18 available on the market today.

Since 2003 Parsec has been providing the global marketplace with cutting edge solutions for network communications. Today Parsec offers the largest selection of best in class, high performance ruggedized CAT18 antennas for mobile, public safety, enterprise, fixed wireless and IoT applications.

Parsec Technologies leads the market with our full line of rugged CAT 18 (5G NR-FR1) antennas available today. These antennas cover the 600 MHz – 6 GHz frequency range, including CBRS and LTE LAA.

Pair Parsec antennas with wireless routers and gateways to create reliable high-speed wireless connectivity in a wide variety of use cases.


What Clients Say About Us

Trusted by valued partners for antennas and IoT since 2003

Antenna Applications

Parsec Technologies provide a wide variety of antennas to fit your needs, including low profile LTE antennas ideal for vehicles, wall mounted or pole-mounted antennas for fixed wireless, and a variety of antennas offering 4x4 MIMO LTE and 4X4 MIMO WIFI. Our antennas cover a wide range of frequencies, including 5G (600 MHz to 6 GHz), CBRS, LTE LAA, and cellular 3G, 4G LTE, WiFi, and GPS.

Parsec antennas are built for the rugged, high performance requirements of public safety, first responders, transportation, and fleet services. As well as for mobile broadband, fixed wireless, utilities resource management, failover LTE, and more!







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