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Rottweiler PRO Series Antennas

MIMO LTE, GPS, Up to 3 WiFi, IP67-Rated Antenna

Vehicle mount antenna available in 5:1 or 6:1 configuration

The Rottweiler is a 5G, low-profile, high-performance, IP67-rated antenna specifically designed for Cradlepoint’s IBR600/IBR900 routers. The Rottweiler’s frequency range is from 600 MHz to 6 GHz, including the CBRS Private LTE frequencies. It’s perfect for FirstNet, first responders, critical communications, transportation/fleet, remote video monitoring, and mobile broadband. Patent pending.

Low Profile Antenna Comparison

Parsec's Rottweiler vs. Panorama's Sharkee

Parsec’s Rottweiler antenna outperforms its closest competitor, Panorama’s Sharkee antenna in efficiency, gain and isolation at different frequency levels, and clearly beats out Panorama by a factor of 2:1 on band 14.

WHAT’S NEW? - Ford Explorer Gasket

Parsec created a new gasket for the Rottweiler antennas that produces a water-tight fit between the ridges on the roof of a 2020 Ford Explorer. This means that there is less vibration because there is no gap between the antenna and the vehicle.

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The Rottweiler beats Panorama by a 2:1 Margin (Lab-Tested Results - band 14)