Product Highlight: Low Profile Mobile Antennas

High Performance Antennas

Parsec’s low profile, high performance mobile antennas are designed for sleek, discrete installs on police and other large first responder vehicles. A low profile rugged shell provides less air resistance, and visual clearance making them the best choice for installs that include low profile LED light bars. Learn more about the K9 and Rottweiler.

Our antennas are installed on vehicles across the nation from California Highway Patrol, to the New York City Fire Department. These antennas are designed for best performance with no compromise. The thin flat design allows for a great fit on most vehicles without adding unnecessary height that could interfere with bridge clearance, air resistance, or LED light bar visibility.


Low Profile Light Bars

Both of our low profile antennas give space where needed with a height of less than 2 inches. Typical LED light bars leave less than 3 inches of clearance making an install of other competitors mobile antennas impossible. Don’t obstruct the light with a thick, or tall antenna.




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