Chinook Lite

The Chinook Lite PRO Series antenna is a 5G, 4X4 MIMO cellular, omni-directional antenna. This next generation antenna focuses on C-band within the 600 MHz to 6 GHz, 5G range. The difference between our best seller, the Akita Lite, and its kennel mate, the Chinook Lite, is an additional antenna element to make the C-band frequency reach further distance to achieve higher gain. The Chinook Lite is the same exact antenna as the Chinook but now with ultra-low loss, lightweight and more flexible LSR200 cables for a more cost effective network solution and easy installation.

This PRO series IP54 antenna is ideal for indoor and outdoor C-Band applications for enterprise networks investing in high-capacity throughput and high data speeds. Also performing at high efficiency for campus, enterprise, retail, and warehouse applications. Patent Pending.


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600 MHz to 6 GHz
4X4 MIMO Cellular
Wall Mount
Lightweight/ Flexible Cables


Fixed Wireless Access
Primary & Failover Network
IoT Network Solutions