Bulldog – PRO Series In-building Antennas

5G, CAT 18, CBRS, 4X4 MIMO LTE,  WiFi Antenna

The Bulldog PRO Series antenna is perfect for in-building applications. It is available with up to 4X4 MIMO LTE, 5G, CBRS, LTE LAA, and WiFi.  It is inconspicuous and blends in with the ceiling of almost any room. ­­This 2×2 foot antenna only hangs out about two inches from the ceiling. Mounting an antenna on the ceiling eliminates the problem of poor RF from metal obstructions in the closet.

The Bulldog antenna provides high-speed LTE data transmission for retail, pop-up, and failover LTE applications. Patent pending.


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LTE Frequency Range:
617–894 MHz
1695 – 2700 MHz
3400 – 3800 MHz (CBRS)
5150 – 5925 MHz (LTE LAA)

WiFi Frequency Range:
4900 – 5900 MHz

High Isolation
High Efficiency


Wireless Internet access for retail
Failover to a wireless Internet backup