Chihuahua STX

MIMO 4G LTE antenna replacement for single 3G antenna drill hole.


The Chihuahua STX PRO Series antennas offer a MIMO LTE antenna solution to retrofit single 3G antenna installations.  Fits in the same small drill hole as single 3G antennas and is therefore easily swappable on site.  The compact, tamper-resistant, rugged, external design makes the Chihuahua STX optimized for kiosk-style enclosures.

Perfect for external M2M, IoT applications, industrial monitoring, oil and natural gas fields, and self-service kiosks. Chihuahua STX antennas are IP67 rated.

LTE frequency range

  • 698 – 960 MHz
  • 1710 – 2700 MHz

LTE Bands Covered for US Carriers

See Specifications for part numbers.

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MIMO 4G LTE antenna as retrofit for single 3G antenna drill hole
Tamper resistant
IP67 rated


External M2M / IoT Connectivity
Industrial monitoring
Oil & gas fields