Product Highlight: Chihuahua STX


Chihuahua STX

Our rugged Chihuahua STX series antennas are designed to optimize

performance specifically for networks phasing out 3G and upgrading

to 4G. A smooth upgrade with compatible 7/16 bolt to replace SISO

antennas. Don’t wait for 3G shutoff to upgrade equipment for optimal

connectivity. These compact antennas were designed to have a

small footprint with a big connection.


Field Proven Design

The high end stainless steel base plate of our antennas

prevent any corrosion or rust that would occur on competing

antennas. The hard rugged shell keeps any unwanted water,

oil, or other contaminants from affecting the antenna elements.

Parsec’s external antennas are rugged IP67 rated antennas that

won’t buckle under the pressure!

Future Proof Any Industry

What could be better than 2 3G antennas? A high gain, 2X2 Parsec

antenna! Don’t settle for weak signal, or poor connections. Parsec’s

antennas deliver you the best performance on the market. When you

and your team are working hard in the field, you can be sure Parsec is

working just as hard to keep you connected.

7/16” Bolt with Offset

Compatible with

previous 3G antennas

to fit all enclosure types