Akita (HPUE Optimized)

The Akita PRO Series HPUE Optimized wall or pole mount antenna is a 5G, 2X2 MIMO cellular, omni-directional antenna with optional GPS. The HPUE version of the Akita further isolates the band 14 FirstNet element for maximum throughput in an omni-directional pattern. The advantage of the Akita is to connect to multiple cell towers in the case of an emergency when the network infrastructure has been compromised.

This PRO series, IP54 rated antenna can be mounted indoor, outdoor, pole mounted, or wall mounted to perform at high efficiency on 600-6000 MHz bands for public safety use. Patent Pending.

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600 MHz to 6 GHz
2X2 MIMO Cellular
Band 14
Wall Mount


Fixed Wireless Access
Primary & Failover Network
Remote Video Monitoring
Video Streaming