Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier PRO series antenna is a 2X2 MIMO cellular, up to 2X2 MIMO Wi-Fi, omni-directional antenna with optional GPS. The Boston Terrier is designed for high performance of 5G 600 MHz -6 GHz frequencies for a fixed or transportable solution such as hot spot accessory making it our go-to solution for any events or camping. Withstands harsh working conditions without compromising performance or taking up space.

This PRO series IP67-rated antenna performs at high efficiency with easy install on kiosks, POTS replacement boxes, and other equipment using a magnetic or adhesive base with screw on option for more secure mounting. Cables stationed on the side for flat mounting surface.

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600 MHz – 6 GHz
Wi-Fi 6
No Drilling Required


POTS Replacement
Primary IoT Network Solutions
Warehouse Network Solutions