Irish Setter

The Irish Setter Pro Series antenna is a 5G, 4X4 MIMO cellular, 2X2 MIMO Wi-Fi, omnidirectional antenna with optional GPS and Bluetooth. The Irish Setter is designed for high performance of 600 MHz to 6GHz frequencies ideal for kiosks, IoT, NEMA enclosures and more.

This PRO series, low profile, IP67 rated antenna is specifically designed to operate dual SIMs across two Irish Setters in the 4X4 configuration. Mount two antennas within 6 inches of one another on a kiosk or NEMA enclosure without interference. Parsec’s patent pending technology allows uniform antenna patterns to send all bands in the same direction, producing the highest performance. Patent Pending.

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600 MHz to 6 GHz
Up to 4X4 MIMO Cellular
Up to 2X2 MIMO Wi-Fi
Optional GPS & Bluetooth
Outdoor Mount
Mountable Within 6 Inches of Another Irish Setter


Fixed Wireless Access
NEMA Enclosures
Kiosk Systems
Remote Video Monitoring