The Boxer PRO Series is our newest, most portable high performance 4X4 MIMO cellular 5G case with up to 9:1 antenna configuration. Designed to provide an on-the-go network as an emergency mobile hot spot as our most compact solution with our highest performance to date including C-band frequencies. Small enough to fit in a backpack or carry-on an airplane while still providing full use of the 5G 600 MHz to 6 GHz spectrum for first responders, critical communications, surveillance, covert operations, and more.

The Boxer case uses shock absorption and impact resistant resin to reduce damage and loss of performance due to hard use. Customizable special features make the Boxer one of our most versatile cases for high profile network solutions. Connect almost anytime, anywhere with Parsec antennas. Patent Pending.

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600 MHz – 6 GHz
Up to 4×4 MIMO Cellular
Up to 4X4 MIMO WiFi
Portable Case
All-in-One Solution


Emergency Communications
Primary & Failover
Remote Video Monitoring