The Bloodhound Emergency Hot Spot is a large IP67 case with built-in antennas that are optimized for the extra thick (3.5mm) plastic used in industry strength cases. Both sets of LTE and WIFI antennas were designed for maximum performance even in remote areas where the cellular infrastructure may have been compromised. Parsec has taken the unique approach to design all antennas to fit safely into the lid of the case reducing damage and loss of performance due to hard use.

The Bloodhound is configurable up to a 13 in 1 with up to 2 sets of 4X4 MIMO LTE, 4X4 MIMO WIFI and GPS/GNSS capable of running dual SIM’s simultaneously. This 5G ready, 600 MHz – 6 GHz antenna is both portable and IP67 rating.

The Bloodhound is configurable as a standard antenna only format, or a fully dressed out and ready for deployment version that includes a router baseplate, cover and cable management already installed. Router, SIM, and optional battery purchased separately.

Parsec’s complete design includes fans and exhaust ports for extended temperature operation.

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LTE Frequency Range:
617– 894 MHz
1710 – 2700 MHz
3300 – 4000 MHz (CBRS)
5150 – 5925 MHz (LTE LAA)

WiFi Frequency Range:
2400 – 2483.5 MHz
4900 – 5900 MHz

High Efficiency
High Performance


Mobile / portable communications
Emergency communications
Wireless internet access for primary
Fail over connectivity