Bernese Mountain Dog

Parsec’s Bernese Mountain Dog Series is a low-profile 5G antenna with four element 4X4 MIMO LTE, an additional and separate two element MIMO LTE, two element MIMO Wi-Fi, and GPS fully contained in the lid of a customizable waterproof box.

The Bernese Mountain Dog supports the simultaneous operation of two separate LTE modems, one with 4×4 MIMO and one with 2×2 MIMO. This rugged low-profile omni-directional antenna works on all the common North American LTE bands with high efficiency. Also supports PLTE and LAA.

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LTE Frequency Range:
617– 894 MHz
1710 – 2700 MHz
3400 – 3800 MHz (CBRS)
5150 – 5925 MHz (LTE LAA)
WiFi Frequency Range:
2400–2483.5 MHz
4900 – 5900 MHz

High Isolation
Low Height


Mobile / Portable Communications
Emergency Communications
Wireless internet access for primary
Fail over connectivity